Lonely Night

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Tonight, although just finished a session of futsal, I still feel lonely.

Though maybe it had to do with Sharia’s move to another team?


My old team when I was the intern


One of the few reasons why I came back here is these people. But one by one move on, Irwan and Hafiz to Middle East, Hafidz, Idzwan to another floor and some others who moved out from the company.


Maybe here they teach you that people will come and go. But what if I want them just to stay put where we used to be?




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time rots everything - Elizabeth 


“It wasn’t the torture that broke me. It wasn’t the indoctrination. It was time. Time rots everything, Booker. Even hope.” – Elizabeth


Therefore, I bid you adieu Kyna. We had some moments, but that was yesterday. I’ll move on, just like you did.

And I feel the urge to write

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All isn’t going in my way. Rasa macam fuck here, fuck there, fuck everywhere.

First and foremost if of course my dad. I don’t know, I still keep my grudge to him. Sampai bila? Aku pun taktau.

Dah tu aku dengan Ady is sooooooo awkward with me. Actually it’s the other way around. Aku sooooooooo awkward dengan Ady after I confess to her. I felt like I shouldn’t have done that.

Ady : Why not you just go and confess to the girl that you like? You won’t lose a thing.

Well I lost you didn’t I? Now nak rebuild balik the relationship which aku tak rasa pun boleh rebuild balik. Fuck!

Then baru tadi Navin cakap aku dah takleh nak main badminton dah lepas ni. WTF?? Why now? Kenapa selama ni main elok je? Oh why you concern for my accident or injuries, is that it? Mother F sakit sendiri pandai2 la bertanggungjawab untuk diri sendiri. Kaki aku ni takde pun aku complain dekat korang kan. Fuck off la. Bukannya ramai sangat orang sampai orang ada yang takleh nak main.

Then aku terlepas promotion nak beli tiket flight pergi Melbourne. Aku hesitate okay. Dengan takde duit sangat pun lagi. Pagi pukul 3 tengok ada promotion lagi. Petang pukul 6 tengok dah takde on that date. Whyyyyyyyy. Now the earliest date yang murah and ada promo is on Monday, which is on Raya. Sebabkan ibu nak lari dari Ampang ni time raya, aku fikir why not pergi Aussie. At least she deserves to go to another country selain dari Thailand dengan Indo. Bapak nak bawak? HahahahaHAHAHAHAHA MOTHERFUCKER. Bawak la perempuan lain pergi Thailand, pastu henjut sampai puas. Dulu dah kena bantai tak serik lagi, aku siap doa yang kau selamat time operation dulu, cakap yang kau akan insaf pasni. Tapi takkk, kau nak jugak pergi karaoke, kau nak jugak pergi dating dengan makwe kau. Bro, lu kurang ajar la. Apesal? Takleh panggil bro? Kata nak feel muda mudi balik. FUCK YOU!

And time dekat office tadi aku check yang how much Exxon bayar untuk aku dekat Pantheon. Fucking, more than what I earn in my bank la sial. Pastu Dyana boleh cakap yang aku earn a lot, very very much like what, 3k? Aku taktau whether aku patut rasa marah ke sedih.

Kyna? History. Time will fade everything, even hope. I won’t wait for something that won’t be happening. I miss our moment together, but I have to carry on. You’ve been a burden to me for so long now. I hope your life crash in front of your eye.

Hath Pandora Blog opened?

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What’s in here?

This hurts so much

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I’ve done my mistakes. I admit it.
Please Kyna, be mine again. I’ll change for you. I’ll do whatever. Just please, I’m begging you, come back to me please.
Give me another chance at least. This feeling is made only for you.

I missed you dearly. I miss how we smile to each other. I miss how we laugh together. I miss calling you honey.

I missed us the most ❤

Please come back to me D,:

Yes I still do

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*trembling hands typing

Hi there. I just couldn’t help myself from watching you from afar.

Dear lover, I still love you. Yes I do. I love you so much. My feeling for you is still deep carved in my heart.

The reason why my hand only have 2 scars not 3, is well, I won’t give up. Just like how you don’t give up on me back then. I’ll be back for you in the near future, hopefully after I have a stable life. InsyaAllah. Until then, there won’t be any 3rd scar on it. This is what I promise to you.


I love you Princess

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Okay I admitted it was my fault. My wrong call had turn the world upside down. I’m sorry. Very very very sorry. I know this means nothing for you. But I really hoped that we could still be together.

I still love you very much. You would give me the world just to be with me. I am full of shit, no, knowing myself a whole shit for not to acknowledge that. If you just give me one more chance. Just one more chance for me to get it right this time. I’ll promise you that I’ll change.