Who R U?

Me n my pillow

When I’m sleepy, I’l use my might to sleep.

The name’s Aizat Akmal. I’m a mix, meaning my mother’s grandma is a chinese, while my dad’s parents is… how’d u say it, from jawa.

I was made on my parent’s bed, and borned in Klinik Sambhi, on the 18th November 1991. Yeah, I know Malaysia isn’t that famous, but at least I can find some peace here. For Malaysians, I’m staying in Ampang. What would you wanna know bout me?

Well, I like :

+Sleeping ; I sleep a lot

+Eat ; I’m trying to gained more weight

+Playing sports ; Jogs, Soccer, just name it

+Newcastle ; Who gives a damn bout them?

+Blogging ; I was hoping she would pay attention to me

+Musics ; They’ll keep me accompanied everytime I wants

+Coffee ; I want to stay awake as long as I can

Then, I dislikes :

+Hipocrites ; They’ll make my hopes crushed

+Computer lags ; what’s the point I’m paying more?

+Sickness ; I can’t do anything if I’m sick

+ Truth ; coz it hurts a lot

Well, I was hoping that all of you who read my blog, please oh please, leave your url.

Till then, c’est la viet.


9 Responses to “Who R U?”

  1. Diba Azhar Says:

    sorry for the late reply.
    anyway nice knowing you.
    thank you for dropping by 😉

  2. =) new friend ~
    url i mmg kdg2 plik ckit

  3. ouh cik puteih!mengapa anda tdak suka skit?
    bkn kah itu impian anda ka?
    haha msok hosptal..=p

  4. still bengong,
    who are you?HAHA

  5. mcm prnah nmpak..

  6. You should check out this site:

    I believe it’s your photo from June 6 2009.

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